~Last updated 8-5-2009~

 Completed Projects:

  Iowa Speedway - 8-1-2009
  Tri-County Speedway - 5-16-2009
-updated 8-5-09

 Projects Currently Working On:

New Jersey Motorsports Park  -Sander Maas Developing Layout
  Evergreen Speedway 3/8  -Adding Objects & Graphics
  Anderson Speedway  -Adding Objects

 Chemung Speedrome -Adding Objects
Sebring International -Sander Maas Developing Layout

 Track Updates:

 Tri-County Speedway  -Adding track lines, and cameras
  Iowa Speedway  -Minor graphics updates, AI updates

 Future Projects:

 Motorsport Park Hastings  -Information coming soon
  Adirondack Speedway  -Information coming soon
  St Petersburg Circuit  -Information coming soon
  Montreal Circuit  -Information
coming soon

All tracks listed above will not be completed based on any timeline, they will be completed as my free time is available. They may also be completed in no particular order. Please take time to fill out the track survey to help influence my next projects (not based on the above list). I have a database of over 100 tracks started that I will chose from based on the surveys each month!

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